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Hotel in Frankenberg

In the most beautiful square in town

Hotel Die Sonne Frankenberg is situated in the marketplace right next door to the town hall
with its ten towers in this idyllic town full of half-timbered buildings.

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Tradition and history

From historic
inn to destination
for connoisseurs

The Sonne has been a place of hospitality since 1833. Back then, it was very much more geared towards food and drink though. Since May 2007, you can stay overnight in style in the medieval old town in the most beautiful square in town in these cosy houses with their sunny rooms following a comprehensive renovation of these historic buildings. Surrounding them, you will find picturesque half-timbered facades and the market square with its famous town hall featuring 10 towers and figures carved by Philipp Soldan, who is the namesake of our gourmet restaurant. The Schirn, which makes up the ground floor of the town hall, has been hosting the weekly market for centuries.

Three buildings, which were built in the 16th Century, were modernised in the 21st.

“Altes Brauhaus” (old brewery house)

Beer was brewed here until 1892. The ground floor forms part of the hall today, and hotel rooms can be found on the 2nd to 4th floors.

Bürgerhaus (civic auditorium)

Today, the ground floor houses Lounge Philippo, and floors 1 to 3 house guest rooms.

“Stadtweinhaus” (town wine house)

As from 1294, only the town wine keeper was allowed to serve wine in Frankenberg. Today, the Philipp Soldan is situated in the basement, and the SonneStuben on the ground floor. Floors 1 to 4 house hotel rooms.

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What to expect
at Die Sonne Frankenberg

A warm-hearted welcome!

Sunny rooms and suites spread across several medieval half-timbered houses

Two restaurants present the culinary diversity of Die Sonne

Comprehensive relaxation facilities can be found in the SonneSpa

Region Frankenberg

Idyllic town full of half-timbered buildings
in Northern Hessen

The idyllic half-timbered town of Frankenberg on the Eder has partly preserved its medieval townscape to
this day. Especially the direct surroundings of the Hotel Die Sonne Frankenberg here in Hesse are characterized by the
beautiful half-timbered buildings.

Town Hall

One of the most famous landmarks in the area of Frankenberg in Hesse is the two-story half-timbered town hall built in the Gothic style, which is not only adorned by ten towers, but also by the piggyback figures of the artist Philipp Soldan, who is known far beyond the borders of the town.

Liebfrauenkirche (Church of Our Lady)

The foundation stone for the three-nave Liebfrauenkirche was laid in 1286, based on the model of the Elisabethkirche in Marburg. Worth seeing are the windows in the choir with stained glass from the middle of the 14th century, sacrament box, stone pulpit and the ceiling paintings.

Monastery St. Georgen

Once a nunnery of the Cistercian order, it now houses the District Office and the District Home Museum with sacred exhibits by the master builder and stone sculptor Tyle von Frankenberg and many works by Philipp Soldan.

Altstadt (Old Town)

The old town mainly consists of half-timbered houses, which have been restored to perfection. The Witch’s Tower, one of the few relics of this defensive fortification, tells the story of how the old town was once surrounded by mighty walls featuring 20 towers and five gates.

General Manager


„Being a host and giving people a nice break
from everyday life is for me the most beautiful task imaginable,
but also a constantly new and exciting challenge.“


Pur nature - Nationalpark Kellerwald-Edersee

around the sun

The Ederbergland: winding roads and magnificent views
Enjoy pure driving pleasure on excursions by convertible, classic car or motorcycle. Explore the surroundings of Frankenberg in Hesse by bike, on foot or in a canoe and visit unforgettable destinations. Sports enthusiasts will find almost unlimited possibilities such as golfing, sailing, diving, gliding, skiing or bobsledding. We will be happy to advise you at Hotel Die Sonne Frankenberg!

Make the most beautiful discoveries
Follow a small watercourse through an enchanted forest. Guess the outline of a castle through the green of the leaves. Where is that supposed to be? In the middle of the world of sagas and legends: in the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park. Here in the home of the Brothers Grimm the world-famous fairy tales have their origin.

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Feine Privathotels Logo

The directors of the FEINE PRIVATHOTELS hotel chain are personalities who run their establishments with passion and know,
that luxury has nothing to do with crystal chandeliers - just as style cannot be defined by clothing alone. This concept
of FEINE PRIVATHOTELS is put into practice every day at the Sonne Frankenberg.