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Kellerwald-Edersee National Park

Nature’s gift close to Frankenberg. “Between heaven and the Eder” is the slogan that invites tourists to undertake a variety of activities. The range of activities on offer could not be larger. Quaint forests, gentle mountain peaks, gorges and rock faces, colourful meadows and babbling brooks – this is how Kellerwald-Edersee National Park presents itself on 57,000 square kilometres.

It is one of the largest contiguous beech forests in Europe (declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO) and a refuge for many rare and endangered species of animals and plants. The black stork, eagle owl, six species of woodpeckers, and 15 species of bats are just as much at home here as the red deer and the shy wildcat.

In an impressive exhibition featuring multimedia installations, the new National Park Centre in Vöhl-Herzhausen is dedicated to the exciting subject of the wilderness, thus conveying extraordinary insights which would otherwise remain hidden from man. The hikes are very popular and led by a ranger, who not only knows guides, but also has a lot to tell.

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The area around the Edersee

The Edersee is an Eldorado for leisure and holiday activities in the midst of the charming low mountain landscape of Kellerwald-Edersee Nature and National Park. Five of the Eder tributary valleys are designated nature reserves, and over long stretches you can hardly see any evidence of human influence. 27 kilometres in length, the Edersee is a paradise for water sports: sailing, surfing, water skiing, canoeing, fishing, swimming, diving, boat and steamboat rides are just some of the many activities that can be found here. The Edersee is only 29 km away from DIE SONNE

The area around Willingen

Willingen offers a variety of recreational and sporting activities and nature experiences. Willingen is only 41 km away from DIE SONNE.

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