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Winterberg golf course – 41 km

The 9-hole Winterberg golf course is situated in the middle of an almost untouched natural landscape. The fairways are surrounded by mature trees. Numerous gradients and a natural water course are characteristic of the course. The view of the Sauerland mountains and the tranquillity of the area underline the special charm of this place.

Kassel golf course – 86 km

Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe golf club has an 18-hole championship course. It is characterised by the fact that is has been participating in the Golf and Nature environmental programme since January 2012. This concept from the German Golf Association aims to combine perfect conditions for golf with the optimal protection of nature. The club has already been awarded a silver certificate. If you want, you can also try out the course on a golf taster course!

Marburg golf course – 28 km

When nine golfers established the Upper Hessian Golf Club Marburg eV in 1973, their motto was, “The game of golf rejuvenates the body and makes for better people!” – which the physician Gorgam had already recognised in 1938. Today, the club has over 700 members. The golf course in Cölbe-Bernsdorf, Maximilianenhof, has an 18-hole championship course, club rooms and a cosy restaurant, as well as a spacious driving range. Everyone is welcome there, whether you are an experienced golfer, member, or novice.

Bad Arolsen golf course – 50 km

The 9-hole golf course with its spacious training areal is situated above the Twistesee, nestled in the rolling hills of the Waldeck countryside. Narrow fairways, lots of sand bunkers, and treacherous
roughs represent a real challenge for players of all strengths. Despite the relatively short fairways which allow novices to experience their first successes with ease, the course is still quite challenging for golfers with a low handicap. Accuracy and tactical play are the basic requirements for a successful round.

Bad Wildungen golf course – 26 km

You will find the world-famous spa of Bad Wildungen beautifully embedded in a magical landscape in the middle of the former Principality of Waldeck, close to Kellerwald National Park and the Edersee. Built way back in 1930, the golf course belonging to Bad Wildungen Golf Club is located on the outskirts of the town, surrounded by ancient forests and valleys. The golf course is an oasis of tranquillity: There are no main roads, railway lines, or aircraft noise to disturb your game. For real golf connoisseurs!

Waldeck golf course – 41 km

Founded in 1992, the golf course is about 41 kilometres away from Die Sonne Frankenberg and is situated in a very scenic area close to the Edersee and the historic Waldeck Castle. The complex is partially municipal, and anyone can play a game on its short, 9-hole course (Edersee Course). The 27-hole course covers an area of 98 hectares and offers a varied and attractive game to players with any level of skill.

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